Like most people who live in Milan, I was born elsewhere, in a little Southern Italian village that’s nestled between the fields and the sea. The kind of place where around ten o’clock every Sunday morning, amid a symphony of clattering pots and pans masterfully orchestrated by three generations of cooks, the kitchens explode with fragrances, yielding all the bounty of our centuries-old peasant heritage.

The city is a whole different world, where these things barely exist. And that may be why I’ve made food and everything related to it the focus of my work: it’s my way of celebrating an almost emotional bond and carrying on that tradition.

I got my formal training almost as a pastime, because I’ve practically always been a photographer; for ten years now, I’ve been publishing my work in specialized and general publications, creating images for ad campaigns, and capturing this unique universe through my camera lens.

Felice Scoccimarro
via Gaspare Spontini 8 – 20131 Milano
T: +39 02 36533655